Recent Actions:

The Division By-laws revisions were voted upon and enacted on November 3rd, 2018. Click here to open a copy of the now current Division By-laws.

The Division was been asked to consider hosting the 2021 Regional Convention. The Board of Directors proposed our Division to the Region Committee and were accepted during the 2018 Regional Board meeting.

Stay tuned for emails on how you can help.

The Relay

"The Relay" is our Division-produced newsletter, containing articles on member projects and activities. With the wide range of railroad-related interests, there is something in The Relay for everyone. Click on the link below to access current and past issues of the newsletter:

The Local

The Mid-Eastern Region of the NMRA also produces a newsletter under the title of "The Local." The publication provides information on the NMRA at the Regional level, along with articles written by members across the states making up the MER. The Local may be accessed through the following link:

Division Email Addresses:

Superintendent, Rick Uskert

Assistant Superintendent, Mike Zitzmann

Director at Large, (Open Position)

Clerk, Tim Beaty

Paymaster, David Arday

Editor, Kirk Bateman

Achievement Program, Kurt Thompson